Helping Michigan Area
United Methodist Churches
& Institutions Grow

We are all about making ministry dreams come true by providing mortgage loans and promissory notes for Michigan area United Methodist Churches and institutions. In addition, The Michigan Area Loan Fund [MALF] provides an excellent investment opportunity for individual, congregations and ministries that will not only earn interest at competitive rates, but will also help to expand the ministry of the United Methodist Church within Michigan. Though loans are used for a variety of purposes, one thing is common... they all benefit the ministry of the United Methodist Church in our state and communities.

Borrowing from the Michigan Area Loan Fund

Mortgage Loans up to $1,500,000 and Promissory Notes up to $100,000 are available to Michigan Area United Methodist churches and institutions through the MALF. Churches and institution interested in loans through the MALF should apply using our loan application. There is a fee for submitting a loan application, but it will be refunded at closing. Learn more about applying for a loan today!

Become an Investor

There are many places to invest your money, and a high rate of return obviously has financial benefits. But what if you could get a return on your investment and help to change lives through new and expanding churches and growing ministries in our local Michigan communities. Now that's an investment! When you invest with the MALF, you earn a great rate, and your financial resources help build, expand and strengthen Michigan Area ministries of the United Methodist Church. Learn more about becoming an investor today!



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